About Samofil

With over 35 years of history, Samofil is now considered by the business community, a benchmark at the municipal level in textiles. Located in two production units totaling over 13000 square meters of covered area, and distributed by Novais and Pousada de Saramagos parishes, both belonging to the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalic√£o, Braga district, the Somafil is positioned in the area where operates through a widely diverse set of services and productive valences, supplied with equipment and machinery incorporating a very high technological level, framed in modern processes of scientific work organization. Services are distributed from the valences of weaving, through making, dyeing, printing to finish unit. Supported by over 140 employees, who made us and continue to make our history, Samofil strives daily to strengthen a brand that is recognized for its quality partners, competence and accuracy of services in a market increasingly more demanding and competitive.